Five myths that will stop you getting a job in Australia

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After months of applying for jobs and being rejected or ignored, it’s not surprising that you will start to ask yourself and others “Why will no one hire me?”.

Sadly, there are many ‘myths’ you will hear from people you meet or others that are also looking for work.

These myths are not based on reality and facts, but on people’s assumptions and misunderstandings of their situation. Australian workers and employers have different behaviours and expectations in regards to employment compared to other countries.

It is vital that you focus on learning how job search works in Australia, rather than be distracted by these myths, become more frustrated and develop a negative attitude to job search. This, mindset can stop you from getting a professional job.

Here are five common myths to avoid.

Myth 1.

“All Australian employers want local experience.”

Reality—While some employers will prefer local work experience, there are many new migrants in Australia that are working in professional jobs. Just visit any city business district at lunch time and you will see many employed business people of various cultural backgrounds. Instead of focussing on the ‘local experience’ criteria in some job advertisements, learn how to understand what employers really want and how to present your skills and experience in an appropriate way.

Myth 2.

“Employers won’t hire me because of the country I come from.”

Reality—Australia is a multicultural country that is enriched due to it’s migrant population.  Learning about Australian workplace culture and employer behaviour will help you adapt your job search techniques.

Be careful of the attitude you present while job searching and consider your expectations.  While, worldwide, there will be a minority of people who hire based on race, good communication skills and a positive ‘can do’ attitude is often more important to an Australian employer than where you come from.

Myth 3.

“There are not enough jobs in my profession.”

Reality—Skilled professional visas are allocated based on the skill shortage in a particular occupation or geographical area, which means there will be jobs.  However, not all jobs are advertised on major job sites. Research your industry and learn where the jobs really are in your profession and how these companies recruit new employees or advertise positions.

Myth 4.

“I need to go for entry level jobs instead.”

Reality—The less skills a job needs, the more people are able do the job. This means you have more competition for entry level positions.  It’s better to identify the unique skills you offer and target jobs that best match.  You will reduce your competition and will more likely be considered for the job.

Myth 5.

“I need a local qualification before I can get a job.”

Reality—A course does not get you a job in Australia.  Courses are designed to help you develop skills to do the job.  It is the quality of your self marketing strategy and communication skills that gets you a job.  (see my article will further studies get me a job?)   Courses can, however, help you expand your local network of professionals and access accurate information about your industry. Some occupations may also require safety certificates or software knowledge that you may need to obtain before being eligible to apply for certain positions.

Important lesson—never make assumptions about why you can’t get a job.  If your current job search isn’t working then Always search for the facts by speaking to people in your occupation or industry and seek advice from a local career professional.

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