Will a Masters degree or further studies help me get a job?

A Masters degree is viewed differently in Australia compared to status or class based cultures. Generally, people with Masters degrees are expected to also have substantial experience. If you have a Masters and no experience, employers may question your work ethic or may assume you have avoided working.

Qualifications and skills are great, but Australian employers want to know what you can do with these skills for their business.

Even for research based professions, employers still want to see some sort of project work completed and details of how you contributed to the project.

If you are currently studying a course because you hoped it would improve your job options, make the most of this by connecting with colleagues, developing a professional network, and asking lecturers about work experience options within your course. Many universities now offer ‘Work Placement units’. For those new to Australia or even Perth, this can be a great opportunity to gain local experience and connect with people in your field of study and build your industry networks.

Volunteering for university events, helping out the university guild or participating in social activities on campus, are good ways to meet people and expand your network. These people may know someone who wants to hire the skills you have.

Many jobs are not advertised so you want more people to know you and what you have to offer.  Check out the Where are the jobs? article for more about the hidden job market.

If you are about to choose a course or wonder if your current course is right for you, then hire a career professional for advice to help you avoid costly mistakes. See the Useful Links for how to find a career counsellor.

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