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Holds_In_A_Hand_A_Computer_Microchip:image_courtesy_of_KROMKRATHOG_freedigitalphotos.netThe Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industry in Australia is changing rapidly.  As with other occupations, there are two questions you need to ask yourself regularly:-

  1. Can a computer do my job in Australia? The ICT field is particularly susceptible to automation of tasks as new technology is created and integrated.
  2. Can my job be done cheaper overseas? Be aware that some Australian ICT tasks are being outsourced to other countries that have cheaper labour costs.

This means that ICT professionals, who want to work in Australia, need to research their target labour market and ensure they continually up-date their skills to adapt to demand.

To successfully prepare for your Australian career in ICT, it is important to:-

  • Follow new research to find out where the next demand for ICT labour will be.
  • Research the industries that use technology such as; Health, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics, Finance and Banking, Security, Environment and Sustainability, and Broadband Communication.
  • Read Australian and global ICT industry journals and newsletters.
  • Keep learning. ICT skills become out-of-date very quickly. Engage in formal and informal learning to enhance your marketability.
  • Attend industry conferences, expos and networking events.
  • Follow Australian ICT associations, societies and companies on LinkedIn.

Useful industry associations and sites to research 

  • Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector. It provides industry journals, news updates, and research into future ICT demand.
  • ACS Foundation provides career advice, research grants and university scholarships to strengthen our innovative future. The Foundation facilitates relevant industry experience placements for students with large and small technology companies.
  • Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is the peak representative body and advocacy group for organisations involved with the Australia ICT industry.
  • Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) aims to improve healthcare through the use of technology and information and provides support and advocacy, conferences and professional development events for those working in this field.
  • Australian Information Security Association (AISA)
  • Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA)
  • iVec. Based in Western Australia. Provides research, education and industrial communities with access to high performance computing, laboratories and expertise.
  • NICTA ICT Research Centre of Excellence. Undertakes research in areas such as Computer Vision, Control and Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Networks, Optimisation, Software Systems, Optics & Nanoelectronics.
  • International Institute of Business Analysis Australian Chapter –

Australian ICT events to watch out for

  • ACS WA Annual Conference – 29th May 2014 – see for details and information on ACS conferences in other states.
  • BIG DATA. Health care analytics conference 2014 will focus on; health outcomes, data visualisation, workforce, data linkage and analytics, genomics and privacy.
  • Connect Expo 2014. Where Business and ICT leaders will come together to learn how connected digital technologies can transform their business operations. The Expo includes a range of Summits.

There are also many ‘meetup’ groups in Australia specifically for ICT. Examples of Perth ICT ‘meetup’ groups are:-

Go to to search by interest and location.

Now you know where to research and who to talk to, but will you ask the right questions? Ask us about how you can develop your professional communication skills and build  quality professional networks in Australia.

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