How do I find out about my industry in Australia?

Most professions in Australia have Associations or Institutes that guide or govern a particular occupation area.

For example, in Australia;

  • Accountants have the Institute of Public Accountants, Institute of Chartered Accountants and CPA Australia (Certified Practising Accountant)
  • Computer programmers have Australian Computer Society, Technology Industry Association, and Engineers Australia if they are linked with System Engineering.

These are easily found via Google by including key words like ‘Australia’ ‘Associations’ or ‘Institutes’ and industry titles. (urban planning, engineering, building, accounting, nursing, etc.)

You can also find them via and use The Facts section to do an Occupation search.

Professional associations are your most vital link to facts about industry demand and skills needed, plus a great way to build your ‘local’ industry networks. Try to meet people at events and ask them about their experience of the industry. This may give you a chance to tell them what you offer in case it’s useful to them.

Remember, when you speak to your profession, you’re speaking the same language. They will understand your skills better than a human resources department (unless your profession is HR).  If you are a member of an association overseas, ask them if they have connections or affiliations with Australian associations.  This can fast track building a professional network in Australia.

Employers will often advertise jobs on Professional Association websites.

Also consider utilising LinkedIn to connect and contribute to industry and association discussion groups.

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