How to improve your Australian English, fast!

Students_StudyingTo succeed in any new country, you need to be fluent in the language of the land.  For Australian professional jobs, employers expect you to have a high level of written and verbal communication skills.

English language competence is the first thing Australian employers look for when considering candidates for professional jobs.

There is one sure way to improve your professional English, PRACTISE, PRACTISE, and more PRACTISE!

Here are just a few activities you can undertake to quickly improve your English:-

  • Read English out loud. Newspapers, books, Australian professional journals and articles, and job advertisements are a few examples to start with.  (Use an English Dictionary and Thesaurus to learn new words)
  • Listen. The Australian accent and ‘slang’ can be challenging for people who are new to the English language. Listen closely to the sound and inflection used when Australian born people speak.
  • Talk with English speakers. Join social groups, local community groups, attend short hobby courses, go to the local library, join a volunteer group. PRACTISE EVERY DAY.
  • Speak with other professionals in the same field. Attend networking events in Australia offered by professional associations related to your field. Often you can attend as a guest even if you are not a professional member.
  • Search online for English Language resources. The provides free videos and resources. Also see BBC English Language videos & podcasts 
  • Search in your community for English language services. Ask your local Council for community centres and Libraries that provide reading programs for adults. Libraries also have great reading resources.
  • Attend English courses. These can be offered by; local councils, libraries, migrant centres, TAFE/Technical Institutes, private international colleges and universities.  Prices vary, so investigate your options.  For example, in Western Australia, the Central Institute of Technology offers short courses in Work Place English and other English courses that are reasonably priced. Try organisations like Star Pronunciation

If you consistently practise English everyday you will quickly see results. This will improve the quality of your job applications, your job interview skills and your ability to network effectively.

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