Engineering Jobs in Australia – your questions answered

Australian Engineering Careers discussion –on Qaumiawaaz Radio 28th September 2013.

Thank you to program host, Amrit Pal Singh, Qaumiawaaz Radio, listeners and callers for a great show. If you missed the program, see Qaumiawaaz Radio website for re-broadcasting info and next months Career show date and times.

The below info from the show both National and Western Australian related information.  It’s recommended to research demand for your particular state before making a decision on an engineering career.


Engineering jobs in Australia now and future

  • Global demand increasing
  • Wide range of specialisations so demand for labour can come from a range of areas industries within Australia.
  • Not just demand in resources industry – demand in mining changes depending on overseas markets.  Highs and lows. Can be unstable.
  • Currently some mining related employers are still downsizing, retrenching or not hiring new people.
  • Vital to also explore other industries that use engineering skills such as infrastructure, building and construction, transport (especially rail & maritime) and agriculture.  Always have a back up plan. No job is ever completely secure.

Western Australia

  • One of the fastest growing states, so our infrastructure must grow too.  This includes; roads, pipes, electricity, communication wiring and towers, residential housing, commercial buildings, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and so on.
  • Then, infrastructure requires maintenance.

Engineering info websites

Oil & gas industry

  • The skills and experience required are often higher due to the complexity
  • Different phases (Exploration, Design, Construction, Production) require different types of engineering.
  • Still a demand for infrastructure, construction and transport related engineering similar to mining,

Oil & Gas info websites

  • – Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association – The national association for the upstream oil and gas industry.
  • – A comprehensive overview of the mining and oil and gas industries in Australia

Mining and resources information websites

  • – provides information on career possibilities including details of qualifications required and career pathways.
  • – the website is operated by the Mineral Council of Australia to provide information on education, training, career pathways and employment in the Australian mining industry.
  • – the Resource Channel website provides details related to employment in the Australian resource sector.
  • – Energy Apprenticeships Group (EAG)  provides detailed information on occupations, pathways and advice on how to find work in the resources sector.


Important points before looking at ranking

  • Where do you want to work?  What does that country and it’s employers value?
  • What do you want to study? – World Ranking may change between overall and discipline specific.
  • What criteria or methodology is the ranking based on? – Volume of Research and publications? (Note, Engineering generally has low publication volumes in comparison to other disciplines) Student satisfaction?  Employer reputation? Student employment outcomes?
  • Note that student employment outcomes often do not include international students.
  • In Australia, a course does not get you a job.  It gives you skills to sell.  Your job search skills get you the job.
  • Decide what you want the course to do for you and then use your criteria to research the right option for you.  Ask the universities to provide you with the evidence.  Remember you are a paying customer. They serve you.

Useful study choice websites


  • Access the university careers service from year one.  If you want to work in Australia you will need their help. They are the experts of jobs.
  • Work experience. (Engineering degrees in Australia now require at least 12 weeks of professional practice to be completed during the course.   You may be expected to find this yourself.)  Make the most of work experience to build vital networks and prove yours skills
  • Research engineering thoroughly
  • Speak to many engineers about what they do and future challenges in this industry.
  • Many jobs are hidden, so build a network of engineers in all areas.
  • If you are already an Engineer struggling to get a job in Australia, invest in seeing a Career Professional.

Career planning sites that have more occupation information

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