Australian Resumé for Migrants

If your Resumé isn’t getting you interviews, the chances it hasn’t been changed to suit what Australian employers want. Even though many jobs are never advertised, it is vital to have an up to date Resumé ready to adapt to Continue reading

Sample one of Skills based Australian Resumé

Below is a sample of a skills based Resumé that separates relevant skills from experience so Human Resources can quickly see how the applicant matches the job criteria. IMPORTANT: Read Australian Resumé for Migrants for what you need to have in your Continue reading

Engineering Jobs in Australia – your questions answered

Australian Engineering Careers discussion –on Qaumiawaaz Radio 28th September 2013. Thank you to program host, Amrit Pal Singh, Qaumiawaaz Radio, listeners and callers for a great show. If you missed the program, see Qaumiawaaz Radio website for re-broadcasting info and Continue reading